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Wolf Creek Equine Hospital

Wolf Creek Equine Hospital

Wolf Creek Equine Hospital (WCEH) is a regional, full-service ambulatory care and equine surgical facility.  WCEH is committed to serving our customers with integrity and respect. We strive to provide the highest quality and most thorough equine care possible. We encourage ongoing health maintenance as well as offer exceptional medical and surgical services.  As we share in the universal efforts of love, care and treatment of your horse, we hold ourselves to the highest personal standard.  We differentiate ourselves from competitors by providing superior, unparalleled service to our equine patients and their families with a facility build especially for them.

Wolf Creek Equine History

Wolf Creek Equine Hospital(WCEH) began as a part-time, after hours job.  Dr. Mende had completed her Chiropractic Certification Training soon after she and her now husband, Dr. Mark Hubley, were married.  While Dr. Mende continued to work for other veterinarians, WCEH offered animal owners a place to seek out professional chiropractic care.

Out of her little chiropractic practice, the need for more conventional equine care emerged, so shortly thereafter Dr. Mende opened WCEH on the Eastern Shore, in Centreville, MD.  She began to add more medications, equipment and services.  By February 1999, WCEH had grown to such an extent that part-time employment with others was no longer required or possible.  WCEH’s first employee was hired in the Spring of 1999 and by that Fall, it was apparent the home-based practice would need to move. 

In the Spring of 2000, and after searching for nearly six months, beautiful Alder Branch Farm became the new Practice location.  Practicing out of Alder Branch (in Centreville, MD) helped expand WCEH’s services even further.

In 2002, purchase negotiations began with Alder Branch Farm owners.  Despite the desire to buy and expand, negotiations ultimately crumbled and the search for a new site began.  It took nearly two years before the property in Lothian, Maryland was found.  Purchased in May 2004, the new barn was completed in the fall of 2007. WCE moved in and re-opened with improved, yet still limited, services.  The front office, waiting room, laboratory and pharmacy were completed in the fall of 2008.  In 2009, despite the economic down turn, several pieces of equipment were added to the practice (see newsletter “Christmas 2009”).  Although initiated, the completion of the surgery suite was postponed until the economy began to recover.  The Surgery Suite was finished in the Spring of 2011 (see newsletter “Christmas 2010”).

The business’ name, Wolf Creek Equine is rooted in sentiment.  Dr. Mende once lived on Wolf Creek Road in Illinois, fox-hunted with the Wolf Creek Hunt and the Wolf Creek Hounds.  At one time the idea of moving back to Illinois to begin a practice was entertained, but not acted upon.  So, even though the practice began in Maryland, the Illinois-based name remained.


Dr. Mende and her family, Dr. Mark Hubley and son, Nick